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How It Works

Take advantage of debt help solutions - potentially have over 90% of your debts legally written off.


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We’ll help you create a budget


We give you debt advice

Available Debt Solutions

We will give you advice based on your circumstances and recommend a solution.


We are the first to hear about new solutions and legislation. We work closely with the regulators and if anything changes, you are first to know.


We specialise in options for Scottish nationals, if you are based in Scotland, we can help. We can help you protect your assets and recover your credit file.


Do you want to consolidate your debts into one affordable payment? We work with licenced brokers that access the best loans in the country.


Government legislation will allow you to consolidate your debts into one affordable payment and write off your debts. These options help you protect your assests and help you recover your credit rating in the long term.


If you are on means tested benefits, you may be able to write off debts for as little as £90. This will allow you to make a fresh start after 1 year.


Sometimes when there are not other options, bankruptcy is the option to alleviate your debt issues. We have specialist advisors that can talk you through the process.

There are many reasons why people struggle with and get into debt. That is why many solutions are available to help you regain control. We help people: Write off debt - Reduce Payments and Rebuild Credit Files. These plans have been created to UK Citizens struggling with debt who need to find a way out.

Millions of UK citizens have taken up debt plans over the past 20 years. Its time to act and get help.


Over 238,000 people used DebtHelp4Me last year to take control of their debts.

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We are here to help put people struggling with debt in the correct direction towards becoming debt free or seeking advice about their financial issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the initial appraisal is free of charge and the majority of circumstances the creditors will cover the cost at their detriment.

Credit rating is a tool that the bank uses to see how profitable you are to lend to. Our solutions will help you recover you credit rating in the long run, so you can get the best type of credit.

We offer the creditors a pence in the pound that owe. It is up to them to accept, reject or modify our proposal. It is not guaranteed, but we only put cases through that we a pretty sure will get accepted.

We can help with the majority of debts. We can’t deal with debts that are secured (E.g. mortgage and car finance), TV Licence, current rent arrears and criminal court fines.

Yes, you can go along with your everyday life as normal. This plan is used by thousands annually.

Yes, we can help and advise with debts above £1,200. The more debt you have, the more we can write off.

You need to enquire on our site. One of our trained advisors can perform a free appraisal and give you the best options based upon your circumstances.

Yes, we can do a joint plan, where both of your debts are consolidated into one payment.

Research coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week earlier this month shows, financial anxiety is on the rise as personal debt levels continue to increase throughout the UK and across all age groups. Why go through this when there are solutions available to write your debts off forever.

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